Sermons At the Grocery Store


I work on upcoming sermons at the Country Market deli area, unusually empty in this picture.  Dan Moseley, my preaching professor at CTS, said a sermon that doesn’t make it out of the pastor’s study won’t make it out of the pulpit either.  Dan took his sermons ‘out for a walk’ in the woods.  I take mine to the grocery store, where they have donuts.

St. Paul or John Wesley might actually have preached here — I merely write and reflect.  An assortment of shoppers walks by:  an elderly woman with a cane, a young dad with two small children, business folk in their suits and skirts.  Store employees in green shirts come over too to sit down for a mid-morning break and check their cell phones.  Sometimes parishioners stroll by and we chat for a bit.  I like to sit by the window where there’s also a good view of the parking lot.  Everyone comes to the market.

I’ll make notes on the scripture for Sunday, reflect on people’s lives as they wander by and wonder how the two worlds intersect.

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One Response to Sermons At the Grocery Store

  1. Hey, I’m for donuts. You might expect to find me (until recently Baptist) at Dunkin Donuts! Your preaching prof was right. I’ve got 30+ years of experience to back that up.

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