Praise God In the Bad Times and the Good

Elmer Ewing advocates praising God in all circumstances of life, the bad times along with the good:

Whatever the circumstances of our lives, we are called to praise God—even when calamity strikes.  But to be able to praise God in bad times, we need to have practiced praising God in good times.  If we praise God every day, praise becomes part of our spiritual DNA… To praise God in disaster is not lunacy or masochism or denial of reality; it is not groveling for mercy or challenging God to “bring it on.”  It is an expression of our trust that God is compassionate—one who suffers with us in our suffering and one who wants the best for us.  It is at the same time an expression of our confidence that—though it may be a paradox beyond our power to comprehend—God is in control.

We do not praise God for the bad thing, but even in the midst of it we continue to walk along the road of praise. It helps if praise is a path we are so accustomed to that we know the route by heart — it comes instinctively.  Praise is a sacred prescription, and a thankful heart is holy therapy.

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2 Responses to Praise God In the Bad Times and the Good

  1. mike says:

    Many years ago,I used to receive a newsletter from a man named Merlin Carouthers out in Escondido,California.His ministry is called ‘Foundation of Praise’,his message is that of Elmer’s,”In everything give thanks”…He was instrumental in my initial spiritual formation.

  2. mike says:

    @Douglasah,…based on your previous comment concerning the power of belief,I think you would find the lecture on youtube entitled “The New Biology” by Dr. Bruce Lipton,astounding!

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