Another Morning Prayer

Here is another morning prayer from the Prayer Book for Earnest Christians, with pronouns changed to singular.

O Lord, merciful, gracious God, Father of eternal light and comfort, whose goodness and faithfulness is new each morning. To you I declare my praise, honor, and gratitude for the treasured light of day, for protecting me graciously during the night, and for granting me a gentle sleep and rest.

May I now once again arise in your grace and love, under your care and protection, and make use of the cherished light of day in a useful and joyous manner.

Above all, enlighten me with the eternal light, my Lord Jesus Christ, that he might shine in me with his grace and knowledge. Preserve in my heart the light of faith. Grant increase to this faith and strengthen it. Awaken your love in me, and confirm the hope. Grant me true humility that I may walk in the footsteps of my Lord Jesus Christ. In my every act allow your godly fear in me to be seen by others.

Dispel all spiritual darkness in me and blindness of heart. Today and every day, safeguard me against superstition and idolatry, against arrogance and blasphemy of your name, against despising your Word, against disobedience and loathsome anger, so that the sun might not set upon my anger this day.

Protect me from enmity, hate, and envy, from disorder and unrighteousness, from falsehood, lies, and damaging greed, and from every evil desire. Awaken in me a hunger and thirst for you and your righteousness. Teach me to act according to your pleasure, for you are my God.

May your good Spirit lead me onto a smooth path. I commit myself to you. Bless all my actions that they may bring honor to your name and be useful to my neighbor. Make me an instrument of your grace. Permit me to continue safely in my calling, and restrain all those who would obstruct my walk of life.

Safeguard me against slander and the liar’s murderous arrows. Accompany me at all times with your grace. Hold your hand above me constantly, whether I am walking or standing, awake or asleep. Safeguard me also against evil, painful sickness, and deadly epidemics. Bless all my nourishment, provide for me in all my human needs in accord with your will, and keep me from misusing your gifts.

Protect me from war, hunger, pestilence, and from an evil and premature death. Guard my soul, indeed, my going out and my coming in forevermore. Bestow upon me a blessed end. May I with longing and joy await the good day of the last judgment and the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God the Father bless and keep me in Jesus Christ, and in his holy and good Spirit. Amen.

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One Response to Another Morning Prayer

  1. elmerewing says:

    I am sorry for your sadness, but I appreciate the Anabaptist prayers. My maternal grandmother was Mennonite and had their gentle, loving ways.

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