There was a lovely sunrise this morning while we were driving east on Sutton Road. A large orange ball rising up through the trees.

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3 Responses to Sunrise

  1. mike says:

    N I C E !

  2. mike says:


    O rising Sun, so fair and gay,
    What are you bringing me, I pray,
    Of sorrow or of joy to-day?

    You look as if you meant to please,
    Reclining in your gorgeous ease
    Behind the bare-branched apple-trees.

    The world is rich and bright, as though
    The pillows where your head is low
    Had lit the fields of driven snow.

    The hoar-frost on the window turns
    Into a wood of giant ferns
    Where some great conflagration burns.

    And all my children comes again
    As lightsome and as free from stain
    As those frost-pictures on the pane.

    I would that I could mount on high
    And meet you, Sun–that you and I
    Had to ourselves the whole wide sky.

    But here my poor soul has to stay,
    So tell me, rising Sun, I pray,
    What are you bringing me to-day?

    What shall this busy brain have thought,
    What shall these hands and feet have wrought,
    What sorrows shall the hours have brought,

    Before thy brilliant course is run,
    Before this new-born day is done,
    Before you set, O rising Sun?

    Frederick George Scott

  3. Chris says:

    “Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for eyes to see the sun.” (Ecclesiastes)

    The poem is beautiful. Thank you.

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