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There was a lovely sunrise this morning while we were driving east on Sutton Road. A large orange ball rising up through the trees.

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Homily For Lew Stone

On New Years Day 1940, when Lew was 16 years old, he and his brother tried to go ice skating. He wrote about it in his journal, “Mick and I endeavored to go skating this morning, but alas! we came … Continue reading

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I Miss My Friends

[This is a church newsletter article from last month, reflecting on recent losses in our congregation.] I miss my friends. Lew, Lois, JoAn, Kelly, Pete, Larry, Alice, and others. They’ve gone through a door that takes them to Christ. I’ll … Continue reading

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How I Found Faith

When I was four years old, our family moved to southern Nevada. I grew up in the desert. I walked through the desert each day to get to school. After school, and on weekends, I played in the desert. I … Continue reading

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A New Purpose

I need a new purpose. For the last few months I’ve struggled to understand what my purpose is at my church anymore. To help discover a new purpose, I’ve decided to read Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life. I … Continue reading

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A Prayer to Christ

It’s been three months since the Awful Week. Still here. I’ve been reading Luther a lot, getting reacquainted with the gospel of Christ. I’m reading John’s Gospel a lot too. There is a sweetness, a comfort, in John’s portrait of … Continue reading

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Another Prayer

Another from the Prayer Book for Earnest Christians, with a few alterations. Just as I, O heavenly Father, have committed myself to calling upon your holy name, so also look upon me with the eyes of your mercy. Incline your … Continue reading

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Sermon On the Flight Into Egypt

Our scripture today is called The Flight Into Egypt (Mt 2.13-23). After the birth of Jesus, the Holy Family must flee to Egypt to escape King Herod. As a preacher, there are different things you could do with this story. … Continue reading

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An Evening Prayer

From the Prayer Book for Earnest Christians: Praise and thanksgiving to you, almighty God and Father, for your protection and blessing, and for all the good which I have enjoyed this past day. I would gladly enter the inner sanctum … Continue reading

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Another Morning Prayer

Here is another morning prayer from the Prayer Book for Earnest Christians, with pronouns changed to singular. O Lord, merciful, gracious God, Father of eternal light and comfort, whose goodness and faithfulness is new each morning. To you I declare … Continue reading

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An Anabaptist Morning Prayer

Lately I have been using the Prayer Book for Earnest Christians: A Spiritually Rich Anabaptist Resource. I am at a time in life when it is useful to have someone else supply the words I pray since it’s difficult to … Continue reading

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Jesus Calling

(Kelly, Bradene, Stacey, & Me in August 2011) Kelly was devoted to her family and friends. She was devoted to music. And she was devoted to Christ. I want to lift up this last piece, her devotion to Christ. Jesus … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Trail

My friend Stacey and I took part in the Wild Life Marathon today in Concord, Michigan. We walked the half marathon along the Falling Waters Trail. Leaves just starting to turn. Beautiful. A half marathon is 13 miles or 21 … Continue reading

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The Mourning Bench

Nicholas Wolterstorff wrote Lament For a Son after his son Eric died in a mountain climbing accident. Excellent book. He gave me a phrase to help me see where I am: sitting on the mourning bench. Grief has put me … Continue reading

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Linda and I spent a few days at Crystal Lake, near Frankfort. On one of our day trips we drove up the Leelanau Peninsula to the old lighthouse. Dozens of cairns dotted the shore there next to Lake Michigan. We … Continue reading

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Freighter From Mackinac Bridge

Last weekend a few of us went up to the Mackinac Bridge for the annual walk. The bridge was built in the 1950s, and it spans the Straits of Mackinac. The bridge connects the lower and upper parts of the … Continue reading

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Jesus Knows a Secret

Fifteen years ago Mike Turner was hiking in the Wyoming wilderness. He came across a field of boulders next to a lake. He was jumping from boulder to boulder when one moved. His feet slipped and he began to slide … Continue reading

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What Walking Teaches

I walked five miles on the trail this morning. A lovely summer day. Walking teaches patience, silence and perseverance. Solviture Ambulando: It is solved by walking.

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The Wallet Sermon

Don’t be afraid, little flock, because your Father delights in giving you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to those in need. Make for yourselves wallets that don’t wear out—a treasure in heaven that never runs out. No thief … Continue reading

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Religion Is Not Simple

To some people, religion is like an answer to a math problem. There is one right answer among many wrong answers, but some wrong answers are closer to the right one. For other people, religion is more like a language. … Continue reading

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