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Romans Again

During Lent this year, the daily lectionary has us reading Romans. I remember studying it first in 1984 while taking an intensive summer class in Thermodynamics at the University of Nevada, Reno. I did homework typically in a carrel at Getchell Library … Continue reading

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The Apple Sermon

The Apple Sermon (preached to confirmation students) When I was a boy, my Dad and I would go out for a drive in a red Peugeot 504. Dad loved Peugeots. He also loved green Granny Smith apples. He’d eat an … Continue reading

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From a brief essay on the importance of doubt: Doubt about one’s most cherished beliefs is, of course, central to science: the physicist Richard Feynman stressed that the easiest person to fool is oneself. But doubt is also important to … Continue reading

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Grave Digger

 A funeral this morning, then a memorial meal, and later an 85 mile drive up to Dewitt for an interment. Because I went with the funeral director, I stayed at the grave till the grave digger closed it with … Continue reading

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 This is our cat Cleo, using an app called Waterlogue. 

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How Do We Know Our Religion Is the Real One?

 In confirmation class a student asked, “How do we know our religion is the real one?” I stumbled through an unsatisfying answer. I imagined a Hindu child or Muslim child somewhere in the world asking the same question and … Continue reading

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The Almighty Has His Own Purposes

Lincoln delivered his Second Inaugural Address 150 years ago today. I have long reflected on the section highlighted in the middle. The Almighty has His own purposes. Fellow-Countrymen: AT this second appearing to take the oath of the Presidential office … Continue reading

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