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Girl With a Violin

I visited my Mom this evening at her retirement community in Toledo, and I came across these four portraits in a hallway. I liked best the one of the girl with a violin. The artist is Dorothy Mills. Her work … Continue reading

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I took a long walk at Oak Openings today, clearing my mind after a great week at Vacation Bible School. I breathe in every four steps when at my stride. At 1800 steps per mile, that’s 450 breaths per mile. … Continue reading

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Down In the Valley

Christ sang to me today through Mandy’s beautiful voice, and later in the sermon Christ spoke a word to my condition.

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At the Thrift Store

Instead of worship this morning our congregation performed service projects. My little crew went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store to mop, clean, and straighten things up. I saw this picture of a man and a girl in a boat.

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Branch Rickey

On Friday Linda and I went to see 42, a movie about Jackie Robinson. In 1947 he became the first black player in Major League Baseball in America. (He wore the number 42.) Up until that time blacks played only … Continue reading

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Picture of Christ

This has become my favorite picture of Christ. I use it as an aid to prayer. It reminds you you are talking to a person and following a person. You can find a copy here.

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On Jane Austen

On the appeal of Jane Austen: But while Austen’s sharp prose, ironic wit and vivid characterisation are all key to her appeal, Robens believes that it is the romantic entanglements of her strong-willed heroines that draw so many to the … Continue reading

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Quiet Days

I came to work this morning and said to our secretary, “I need to be quiet today.” To which she responded, “And this is different how?” Apparently she is on to me, the quiet man — homo tacitus. My weekend … Continue reading

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Table Art

My wife sets up a little table next to her chair and makes colorful jewelry from pieces of eggshell. She wears the pieces herself or gives them to friends as gifts. My version of table art, by contrast, is to … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

I drove down to Toledo today, walked at the mall, browsed a bookstore, and visited my Mom. Then I got a call from the church telling me a parishioner had been taken to Toledo Hospital with heart issues. So I … Continue reading

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The Contemplator

In The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky mentions this painting by Ivan Kramskoy, a Russian artist.  It is called ‘The Contemplator.’ Dostoevsky says this man in the woods will now either (a) go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem; or (b) burn down … Continue reading

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Study In Red

I had planned to do visiting this afternoon, but Norm needed help taking down Christmas decorations. So undecorating was my afternoon project. It is not as fun as decorating. This picture should be on display in the Podunk Museum of … Continue reading

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Young Woman With a Parasol

Wednesday I wandered around Hillsdale looking for the hospital and happened on this beautiful mural. I later found the hospital and the parishioner I sought. She was with her occupational therapist in rehab after having hip replacement surgery. On the … Continue reading

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The Silent Women

This reredos, or partition behind an altar, is at the chapel at St Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ypsilanti, where I visited a parishioner today. These figures, made by an artist in Ann Arbor, represent the six works of mercy mentioned … Continue reading

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Menacing Face

This was my costume from Sunday’s Trick or Trunk event in the front parking lot at church. An artist in our congregation made my face look menacing. There were a lot of children at that event, many of whom I … Continue reading

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Celtic Cross Tattoo

Friday afternoon I got a tattoo at Ink Fever in downtown Adrian.  I’d thought of getting one for years, and when two friends got tattoos there last month, that was the last nudge needed.  For a design, I settled on … Continue reading

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East Side Murals

The East Side of Adrian is the low income section of town.  It’s where the Po’ Folks live.  But what they lack in property values, they have in great murals.  These two are along Tecumseh Street, where I was today … Continue reading

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Serene Buddha

Went to Toledo yesterday to see my Mom, home now after her stay in the hospital.  Doing much better.  She is in the skilled nursing care wing for a few days of rehab before going back to her apartment at … Continue reading

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Mountain In the Chancel

This is the set for children’s musical on Sunday.  It is on the prophet Elijah from 1 Kings.  To the right you see Mt Carmel, which is the pulpit covered by a brown canvas tarp.  To the left is the … Continue reading

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Vitruvian Man

The point was to fit the human form inside a circle and a square: Ancient thinkers had long invested the circle and the square with symbolic powers. The circle represented the cosmic and the divine; the square, the earthly and … Continue reading

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