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Race, Law, Media, and the Stranger

Here are reflections on race, law, media, and the stranger, in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict: Race. Terence said, “I am a human being. Nothing human is alien to me.” Since I know what it is to be human, … Continue reading

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Rainbow Christian

In the Fourth of July parade, I sat on a bale of straw at the back of the PFLAG float. (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) The parade route took us along Maumee Street up to Monument Park. … Continue reading

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Peripheral and Perennial

Two pastors respond to the DOMA decision. Greg Burdine at Faith Baptist Church here in Adrian affirms a belief in ‘absolute truth’ of the Bible. This past week the United States Supreme Court made some significant rulings concerning homosexuality and … Continue reading

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Last night we worked on a big sign for the PFLAG float that will be in the Fourth of July parade next week. It will have rainbows on it. Rachel Held Evans had a good post on her journey as … Continue reading

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Fatherhood Is a Social Justice Issue

Alexandra Kuykendall on supporting fatherhood: While single mothers may have enough grit, love, and know-how to raise us, the absence of Dad will still have its effect. Study after study shows that children with absent fathers are more likely to … Continue reading

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In Someone Else’s Shoes

I walked early this morning in a light rain on the walking track at Lenawee Christian School. And later I read a powerful article by Rachel Held Evans, responding to the Southern Baptist Convention condemning the Boy Scouts for admitting … Continue reading

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About Rob Portman

I have had time to digest Rob Portman’s announcement last week that he supports same sex marriage. He is a conservative Republican senator from Ohio. He and his wife Jane have a son Will who came out as gay two … Continue reading

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