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The First Step of Love

These are the stairs to the balcony at church. With cold and snow lately, I have taken to walking at work — which means I can include stair climbing in daily walks. Verticality! I’ve been chewing on Paul’s sketch of … Continue reading

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A Shadow Side of Freedom

Silence is a good response to the mass shooting in Connecticut. Silence and contrition. But writing about it can be useful too. I have been writing. I have also been reading responses to the shooting and the renewed urge people … Continue reading

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I drove to Toledo Hospital this afternoon to visit a parishioner. I went straight down M-52 and came in on Central Avenue. Nearing the hospital, I caught a street name in my peripheral eye: Middlesex Drive. What a curious word, … Continue reading

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Lincoln and the Golden Rule

I was surprised at how powerful the new Lincoln movie was, and how much I liked it. We saw it Wednesday. The plot is similar to another Spielberg film, Saving Private Ryan. Each tells a story set within a larger … Continue reading

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Being a Neighbor

Last night my wife organized a group to do yard work for an elderly couple who cannot take care of their property anymore.  The weeds around the house were as tall as me.  Their lot is surrounded on either side … Continue reading

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Can You Eat Mercifully and Eat Meat?

Laura Hobgood-Oster makes we wonder: In the U.S., where approximately 75 percent of adults identify as Christian, the lives of many animals are miserable and short. According to statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2010 almost 10 … Continue reading

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American Morals

According to a Gallup poll, these are morally acceptable to a majority of Americans: Sex between the unmarried (60% vs. 36%). Having a baby outside of marriage (54% vs. 41%). Gay and lesbian relations (56% vs. 39%). Gambling (64% vs. … Continue reading

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