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In my Sunday school class we are discussing A Quaker Book of Wisdom. Yesterday it was the chapter on simplicity, and with it the perennial question of how much is too much. I thought of Caroline Stephen’s description of simplicity. … Continue reading

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A Bible Without Numbers

Since I am curious about new versions of the Bible, I picked up a copy of The Books of the Bible, an edition without section headings or chapter and verse divisions. Simply the plain text, in the NIV translation, in … Continue reading

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Two Quaker Classics

I have finished reading two Quaker classics.  The first, Quaker Strongholds, was written by Caroline Stephen in 1890.  She grew up in the Anglican church, but as an adult she could no longer believe its teachings or partake of its … Continue reading

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How God Guides Us

Saturday afternoon my wife and I were traveling north in Virginia, hoping to be home in Michigan on Sunday, when the engine in our car began to act strangely.  It stalled while idling at stop lights, and on the highway … Continue reading

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Caroline Stephen On Mystics

Mystics are naturally independent, not only of ecclesiastical authority, but of each other.  This is necessarily implied in the very idea of first-hand reception of light.  While it must always constitute a strong bond of sympathy between those who recognize … Continue reading

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Christian Simplicity

“It is, indeed, not easy to define the precise kind or amount of luxury which is incompatible with Christian simplicity; or rather it must of necessity vary.  But the principle is, I think, clear.  In life, as in art, whatever … Continue reading

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